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Let's read contemporary English from history!

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about this website

This site will solve English "little doubts"!

"Why is there often 'e' attached to three letter words?", "Why 'a' becomes a" an "when becoming a vowel?" Shoopy teacher answers in an easy-to-understand way Will continue!

Shoopy teacher and Mr. A, Mr. Z's conversation is also a must-see! Let 's learn fun with them loose - to - do conversations!

This website explains English and history in relation to each other. Thinking about English in history, you can understand its origins and it is easier to remember!

If you read it all, you might become to be good at English, too?

In addition, this site is participating in the "national junior high school and high school web contest".

Character introduction

Introduction of each chapter

【Chapter1】Familiar doubts

While A and Z are on journey to find out themselves, there is a suspicious shadow behind ...? This chapter introduces history and origins of English!

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【Chapter2】Word rule

A and Z who you learn English to Shoopy teacher to know themselves. In this chapter introduce Word rule and English history!

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【Chapter3】Structure of sentence

A and Z say we could know about ourselves ...? This chapter introduces English grammar and how to convey it!

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【Chapter4】Expression of words

Was A and Z able to know themselves through the Shoopy teacher's class? This chapter introduces the mystery of commonly used expressions of English!

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